Monday, 14 April 2008


And finally, looky didn't think that I actually did this, did you?? Knitted on my fab Harmony DPNs...these are Pomatomus that I knitted for DD. I loved knitting these, and they look so good, though I am a little disappointed that they are looking fuzzy (technical term) already, despite DD only wearing them round the house a couple of times. The yarn is Opal Uni in the pink shade. I love this pattern, it looks great...
here is the close up:a keyboard shot:
and the "I've worked in retail too long (17 years too long), here are my fat ankles" shot!
Never work in retail, children, not only is it bad for the soul (it sucks it out......s...l...o...w...l...y...) it makes your ankles very very very very big (and gives you varicose veins) day I will list the good points - just don't hold your breath ;-)
Actually my ankles aren't quite that bad, it is a really crap angle - honest!


ms. pixie riot said...

They look amazing! I haven't tackled this pattern yet, but I have a lovely pair that were knitted for me. Your DD is a lucky lucky girl!

Bezzie said...

Heidi Klum's stick supermodel ankles look fat at that angle too. The day they invent a flattering hand knit sock portrait angle call me!

I love your pototpotpotomi in that shocking pink!

glittrgirl said...