Thursday, 3 April 2008


...she shot through the cat flap at 9am.....she smelt of car oil, and her coat was unloved, but she is back! I got a collar on her immediately, and she had some breakfast and went back out....she has spent the day so far rolling in the gutter intimidating the passing cars....she likes to roll in the dust and then bring it into the house (dust and an air of intimidation)..... She won't stop in, she isn't relaxing in the house and won't sleep inside BUT she is back. I am still getting lots of phone calls from neighbours enquiring if she is back, and there have been various meetings on the street of different people asking and then giving her lots of cuddles (when they can catch her!). I have never spoken to so many people on this estate in the whole 10 years I have lived here.
Thank you all so much for your vibes and good wishes, it was great to know that there is so much support and it never fails to amaze me, the power of the vibes! THANK YOU!

The camera is back tomorrow so I can post piccies of the girls and they can wave their thanks too.

Pinkphish - thanks again for your continued support, sounds like a cuppa at the Woolfest, what do you reckon??

Weezalana - Goodness me your locator vibes are GOOD!!

Knittingozfan - Thank you ;-)

Bezzie - The family should be with you about 3.10 this afternoon and then leaving about 7pm. They promise to wave as they go over, and no I didn't sleep much either!

Jo - Thanks, it certainly worked.

Diane - Thank you so much for your good wishes. I am just over the river, and there have been lots of cats disappearing from the new estates round here....luckily on this occasion things worked out ok. But there seem to be so many people in the same boat but sadly don't get the happy end that I did.


Bezzie said...

All is well that ends well! Hooray for Pumpkins rolling back home!

pinkphish said...

Yay so glad she is home!
Yes, we must make more effort to actually speak to each other this year. Hopefully I won't be as overcome with wool-fumes.