Monday, 14 April 2008

The day after a very sad day....

Thank you so much for your kind comments - it has been a really difficult day....not much sleep last night as DD spent most of it crying. Night time is always worst, that's when cats snuggle up in bed with you isn't it. I kept DD out of school today as I knew she would be tired and teary, and she would have been sent home anyway, and also we had to take Maddie to the vets to be cremated. That was so sad, our little baby....DD chose a toy for Maddie to take with her. Sadly the vets nurse was very brusque

Her: Are you a client?
Us: Er yes! DH just called you to make sure it was ok to come over!
and what does it matter at this moment in time, just deal with the situation appropriately - can't you see how upset my 14 year old daughter is?????

Us: Can Maddie take this toy with her?
Her: Sigh - I'll have to out it in the bag with her
Us: (silently) and your problem with this is what exactly?????? just let Maddie take it with her

Her: So you want the casket?
Us: Can we have her ashes in a simple wooden box?
Her: That is the casket!
Us: Oh ok - Can you make sure that the casket has her family name on it - Maddie McGee. (Not her real family name, but you know, her "family" name!)
Her: They will probably put your surname on it too.
Us: Do they have to? Can they not just put Maddie McGee on it?
Her: NO

Her: They will take her today, and you can pick her up next Monday afternoon, we'll call you.

Yes, normally I would have said something, but it wasn't appropriate, though they may well be getting a letter, epecially given how much they will charge us!

Anyway, she has gone, and it was a teary day.

DH went back to work, and DD and I went off and had some breakfast and talked about Maddie. Bought some net for DD to complete a college project - a skirt thing that will be photod when it is finished, and we picked up a little gift for Archie and Pumpkin - a little catnip filled treat that sent Pumpkin into an eye rolling frenzy, she tried to pin it down to get the "cat-crack" out. We think Archie has lost his sense of smell, it completely passed him by hee hee!

Here's P after her complete lack of decorum

She wore herself out.....
and here she is cuddling her new toy, or should that be hanging onto it for grim death so no-one could possibly nick it I think she needs to go on a diet, or maybe it was a bad angle - yeah right!

Although all in all it was a really crappy weekend, we lost our baby, and I wasn't there to protect her, some good did happen:

We went to a Naming Day for our very good friends daughter. It was like spending a day with family (but the kind you choose, if you know what I mean ;-) so it was very special in a very good way). And then yesterday morning my sister called to see what we were up to, which was strange as we nearly drove to theirs without calling beforehand to say hi as it is my nephews 6th birthday tomorrow (15th). Yay Happy Birthday - 6th already, wow!!!! Anyway luckily they called otherwise we may have crossed somewhere, not realised and then called each other to see where the others were!! They sat and were very polite about DD and DHs 1000+ photos of the trip to NY, Memphis and Nashville. Alex then pronounced it VERY boring, could he play on the Wii, to which the answer was no as DD was using it to show the photos on - did you know those things take a camera memory card. Poor lad - 800+ is bad enough at 40, but at look nearly his entire life time to sit through it.

Then we took the boys and DD out for a walk, and played with a fab aeroplaney thing, can you tell BIL is in the Air Force??????? And yes, he did eventually let the boys play with it...eventually......

It flew far, and it flew high, so much so that it had to be retrieved from a tree! And we all had a go, even DH (who I think might quite like one of his own)We walked past the theatre - the RSC, which is being gutted at the mo
and yes, we have also lost all of our trees - we are a very beautiful town to visit! Don't bother bringing your camera, just buy old photos, then you will see what we should look like! The boys enjoyed a ride on the merry-go-rounds and then it was all back to ours for a cuppa before they went home.EDITED: the knitting bit has been taken out and posted as a seperate post above.........


DeltaDawn said...

I'm so, so sorry about Maddie - she was certainly a beauty. Hugs to all of you....

Great Pomatomus - I gave up when I first started these a long while ago because I wasn't having fun, but now, seeing yours makes me want to try again.

ms. pixie riot said...

I'm sending lots of love. Boo to the nurse for her behaviour, but it was very sweet of you to send your girl with a toy to keep with her. Just close your eyes and picture Maddie getting to play with it forever.