Monday, 23 July 2007

We WILL enjoy summer, and look! ANOTHER RAK!!!

So we ventured out to Burford cos that is where we go every summer for summer was on the calender so we were going. We packed a picnic, made a flask of tea, and picked our way around the abandoned cars....and we had a lovely time. SUMMER HAS ARRIVED, SOD THE WEATHER!
We saw lots of animals, but these photos of Mongoose/Mongooses/Mongeese/Mongii were taken specially for Lulu, as I promised I would say hi to them if I saw any

From here we went to Woodstock, as DH wanted to eat at the Italian Restaurant there (it was very nice) and look at the weather at 6.30pm...can you believe it!!!
Then today look what I got in the post...a RAK from Knitherapy, she said that she had found some dishcloth cotton (I feel you can never have enough of this stuff in yer stash) and thought of me (I saw it and thought Italy, DD said "Christmas!!"), which was very kind, and then she added in some lovely stitch markers (how do people know that I am desperate for these), and a fab handmade card - on the outside it says "The beginning is the most important part of the work - Plato", and the inside - "For your birthday I started a sweater for you"......aaaawwwwww, that is fab. Why can't we get cards like this in the UK, or maybe we can and I just don't know where.....Thank you Janis, you are very kind :-)
Also replying to FaeryNuff, in this order ;-)
- I saw your Bib and was surprised that we had synched - they are lovely aren't they, and so quick too.
- You are knitting the pinwheel blanket?!?!?! Dear god, are we seperated at birth!! what with that and the sweetie cupboard - hee hee. Would love to join you in a KAL. I am about to join ball 3 and I am using Laines du Nord, Linea Merino - Dolly Mixture which I picked up at Woolfest from Laughing Hens at £16 for a bag of 10 balls (v. lucky I know).
- Our home is fine (touch wood) apart from a leaky window, but hey the amount of rain beating on that window over the last few days, I'd leak as well! Hope you basement continues to be ok - I love your plans for it for next year. Looking forward to seeing the photos of it, your very own building WIP.
- Pink Leggings? - New Look!


Bezzie said...

Cute card! What a great way to use up scraps!

Lulu said...

Aw .... Mongii's ...reminds me of home in Africa!