Saturday, 21 July 2007

Awful weather..

Have you seen the 40th Birthday Party had to be cancelled as this is where we were going to have it:

The rain came down all day yesterday, and this is what happened very quickly. We started cancelling people at 1pm, it was wet, but everything was still passable. The club called and cancelled at 2.30pm. We wanted to make sure that none of the guests got stranded. Some people didn't get home til midnight, having started out at 11am, but at least they got home. It could have been a lot worse some people who were trying to get away on holiday got stuck on the M5 all night - imagine a car full of holiday stuff, kids, dogs and not going anywhere apart from your car for 12 hours. One friend had to abandon her car, and walked thigh deep in water for about 4 miles to get home; another friend ended up stopping with strangers who invited him in for shelter when he got stranded 15 miles from home.

These pictures are of the Rec - the playing fields, you can never normally see any water from either of these views.

The next picture is the of the childrens park:

Then we have the Basin where the narrow boats moor:

And it must be bad as the BBC are here filming:

Here are a few more photos:

These people couldn't get out of the hotel as the car park is flooded. Can you believe that they allowed guests to park in the car park knowing how much rain had fallen!

And finally a blog post wouldn't be complete without a shot of DD:

Luckily we are all fine, and no-one got stranded but there are lots of people whos houses have been badly affected, and people who cannot get out of there villages. More rain has been forecast. Let's just hope that the current water gets the chance to go away before any more falls.


Bezzie said...

It would be cool if water damage didn't suck so much.

pinkphish said...

Wow- thats erm... wet. Really glad you your family are OK. Sorry about your party.
DD should have been presenting for the BBC- her wellies are much better than that blokes.

Batty said...

What a washout! This is awful, and I understand that there's lots of damage, but I just love the picture of the swan swimming down the street. That's just classic.

Beth said...

It does not look like fun at all.

Although nothing like admiring the flooded countryside and town and seeing the oh so American McDonalds...

Anonymous said...

Oh my what rotten weather you had. It looks like the folks in your house were having a spendid time in spite of it all!! So sorry to hear of the plans you had to cancel...Fiberfool

amylin said...

Oh, my! You live there. Good thing you're allright.