Sunday, 8 July 2007

So much has happened...

over the last few days - actaually about 10 days, the time has flown.

There are so many pictures that I want to put on here, that I will do it over the next few days so that there are a few photo heavy posts, not just one huge one.

We were going up to the Lake District for a long weekend; to go to the Woolfest, and to celebrate my b'day. But on the morning before we went Postman Pat turned up at 7.30am, complete with big red van (but sadly no Jess - shame, I have always been partial to a black and white cat).
Now when the postman turns up at this time of the morning, it can only mean one thing.....a parcel from UAE, sent to me by the very kind and generous Lulu . She had remembered my birthday and sent me these lovely goodies:
Look at the fab wrapping paper - shoes and bags!!! This has been saved for DD to use in "crafty" projects. A charm for my mobile, a Happy Birthday Banner and a card......AND, look at this beautiful box - how much work has gone into that. I have a musical box which is very similar. My new one has pride of place next to me in the living room, and will be used for knitting notions - stitch markers etc I love it.

Isn't it beautiful?

AND....god I am spoiled, a shawl/wrap in my favourite colours (modelled beautifully by DD in her Paul Frank PJs - it was early in the morning!). I love it, it is gorgeous. Thank you so much Lulu......and the best part. SHe had put her phone number on the parcel for Customs, so I was able to phone her straight away to say thank you.

I am not sure how was more that I got through straight away, or her that she had a mad woman on the phone to her shrieking with delight and excitement......

They say that people come into your life for a reason, I can only thank Knittyboard for the introduction and continue to ponder on why someone somewhere thought that she deserved to get me! She must have really pissed someone off!

We then jumped in the car, and went to the Lakes....the further north we went, the darker and wetter we got....but eventually we arrived at our B+B - Tock How Farm. When we arrived Claire had lit the wood burning stove and made us a cup of tea..can you believe, the end of June and the fire was lit, and it was bloody welcome too, the weather was miserable. But look at the view from our bedroom window

you couldn't get a more perfect view....well maybe you could, look at this

same view but taken at 4.25am a couple of days later, and yes those colours are real, it was actually more beautiful than that. And don't you love the Scooby Doo mist over Ambleside - this made me realise how long it had been since I had seen a sunrise. How sad is that????

Anyway, we popped out in the torrential rain and ate at the Queens Head in Hawkshead (worth a click on, to look at), and then we swam back to the car - yes, it was VERY wet. Then back to bed, to get up early for the Woolfest. I will leave you with 2 tantalising piccies, and a promise of more to come...

She likes a lama (or should that be alpaca - whatever! you get the picture!)

ooooohhhh, yarn pr0n
this post has a lot of gaps between the piccies cos blogger is being a bugger and if I have to post these bloody photos again cos they suddenly disappear, then I AM GOING TO SCREAM ....deep breath and relax!


Bezzie said...

Scooby Doo mist! I love it!

Love that box Lulu sent you--gorgeous!

Nell said...

OOohh, reminds me of family holidays in Ambleside!

Batty said...

The box and the shawl are simply breath-taking! What a beautiful gift.


Sorry. I have trouble controlling myself when I see that much yarnage.

weezalana said...

Love that beautiful box! And all those bright, beautiful yarny colors are making me all a-flutter!

Janis said...

Wonderful post! Love all the photos - looks like your 40th was a blast! You have one more late parcel to look forward to...