Sunday, 18 February 2007

DD is home from her ski trip

YAY - We picked DD up from the school at 4.00pm this afternoon. She had spent the last 20 hours travelling back on a bus, and as the kids got off the bus they all looked shattered and very pleased to be home. Within 1/2 an hour of being home she was in the bath complaining that she could feel all of her aches and see of all her bruises - she had been upgraded to the Intermediate Group. Half an hour later she ate, and then half an hour after that I found her asleep in my bed.
Sounds like they had a really good time - she is already talking about putting her name in the hat for next year. They are hoping to organise 2 trips next year, so hopefully she should be lucky enough to go again. We'll start saving now ;-) She bought DH some chocolate, a large packet of toblerone and some Ritter (which has all been eaten), and I got these: a cow bell, to go with the one she bought me last year, and some wooden is good to have her home even if she is asleep.

I also have a couple of FOs to show off:

2 Scarves: One for him, one for me.

Details: MY SO CALLED SCARF from with help from Thank you both.

HIS: 38 stitches on 8mm needles, yarn used was Katia Mexico (50g a ball) 50% wool/50%acrylic in greys from 3 balls used
MINE: 30 stitches on 15mm needles, yarn used was schoeller+stahl Big Ball (200g ball) 100% acrylic in fabulous sunset colours (didn't photograph that well) from 1 ball used

Now to get back to his Jaywalkers

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Faerynuff said...

They are both beautiful!

Hope DD doesn't feel too achey, is she on half term now?