Tuesday, 13 February 2007

I have VD!!! and I wasn't even expecting it!

As promised by an anonymous commenter (commentator??) I have VD. And what a generous dose I have.....It all started at about 10.30am, the postman brought me an envelope which I thought was from my sister, the writing was very similar. But when I turned it over it had this written on the back "Open last (heart) after your parcel!" Squeeeeee!!!!! It wasn't my sister, and there was a promise of a parcel, I nearly burst with excitement. That postman hadn't got a parcel.. so I was going to have to wait! So I sat by the front door waiting for the post van, getting more and more excited, but then had to go to lunch with my father (long story - I won't bore you) aaahhhhhhhh! But when I got back I had a card to go and collect a parcel. So we were straight back out and once I got my hands on it I ripped into it (carefully) in the car, and look what I got:
First off it was wrapped in lovely red hearted paper, with Disney Princess tape, and inside I had: a little sequin topped heart shaped box with jelly hearts inside, 3 heart lollipops, a heart shaped hand warmer, a little box of chocolate bunnies (I had better save one for DD), another little box with 4 beautiful stitch markers and 2 balls of cotton angora in a fab pink - that is definitely for me DD, don't even think about it! When I had opened it up and squealed a lot with joy, I was then able to open the card and see that this lovely parcel was from **FAERY NUFF**

Thank you so much, I am so spoiled, I am not worthy.....THANK YOU x


Faerynuff said...

You are definitely worthy!

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Ali xxx

Anonymous said...

Love the additional bits on the right! Well done! Hope DD back safe & sound
aka Dorothy x