Monday, 28 February 2011

I have started a small collection...

These are from our local antique barn.

This picture so reminds me of primary school. I had a picture of a duck above my peg.

This picture takes me right back, it is so evocative I can feel the carpet on my legs.

I had to include this one as it made me laugh!! DD is having none of it, so DH will not be lucky enough to receive one of these on Father's Day.

And this picture......bloomin' chickens are the same whether real of fictional!!

Egg count today: 2
Audrey: 1
Amelie: 1

Egg sandwiches for lunch tomorrow and frittata for dinner!


VintageVicki said...

Another Ladybird fan - excellent :)

I remember the going to school one so clearly - it was so like the tiny school I started in.

Justine said...

Those books bring back such memories don't they! I might like to start a little collection myself!!

Country Girl said...

I've got a few myself - the knitting one is a favourite of mine.