Wednesday, 31 March 2010

So glad to hear it wasn't me......

and it might mean that when I go blog browsing again, I will be able to see what people have been up to! And after all that I haven't even got anything worth blogging about - sigh.

I have been off work for 4 and a half days now, on holiday. The house is tidy (well downstairs anyway), but not much else has gone on. DD and I popped into town yesterday, only for me to realise that I had mislaid my debit card. Not only did I go a little hot and cold (to put it mildly), it also meant I had no cash - don't we rely on little pieces of plastic to live our lives! I phoned the bank: when was the last time it was used? How much did you spend? Everything tallied, but we thought it best to cancel it (we = me and the very nice lady at the bank), it couldn't even have been in the back pocket of my jeans as I haven't been wearing them recently. A new card will be with me in 5 to 7 working days, but we are about to hit a 4 day bank holiday, so I am probably looking at Wednesday or Friday next week. And despite the fact it was all sorted, it played on the back of my mind all day, I couldn't concentrate on anything that I was doing, then later in the day it finally dawned on me (amazing how your mind works when you are making the bed isn't it?) On Sunday DH and I had popped out for a wander around the local garden centres. I had given him my card to pop into his wallet in case I wanted to buy something, as I didn't fancy taking my bag. What a nuisance!! But at least it is safe, if not now entirely useless. Until the new card arrives, I have taken some cash out of the bank, but the weird thing is I don't like having cash as it feels as if when I spend it it is all gone. It is certainly making me question what I am buying, even though I haven't bought anything more than I would have done, and I certainly haven't splashed out on anything unnecessary. Our minds work is very strange ways, don't they?

Other news - I have signed up for an OU course - Introductions to Business Studies. It is a 6 month course, which does exactly what it says in the title. It is worth 30 points, and when followed up with another course I have my eye on that starts in November, together they will give me a Certificate in Business Studies. If I kept it all going til the end it would finish as a Degree, but that is years ahead, and I am not sure it is even my thing, so the Introduction to Business Studies will be fine for now.

It has got me thinking though, I feel as if I am 2 people. I love being at home, decorating easter trees, crocheting, knitting, baking, cooking etc, and yet I have chosen this course! The word "dichotomy" comes to mind. I was looking at Psychology, and Art History too, but I can't see how I can use them in my day to day life. I could do any of them as an interest, just for something to do that I would really enjoy, but I feel it is important for any course I do to have a useful link to my life, something I can make use of. To plough 6 months of my life into something like this, I want it to be useful. I also feel that it won't be too much of a mental shift (though please don't think that I mean it will be easy), what I mean is that this is something I do in my real life so I should be able to relate to what I am studying. Let's see. It is only 6 months!
I am off out for dinner tonight with a friend, which I am really looking forward to. DD is shocked "mum, you NEVER go out without us!!" Let's see how she copes lol!

Also, a couple of things I have treated myself to recently. The bag was half price, not sure why, it is in perfect condition, so lucky me!! And the notebook is fab. I love notebooks, I have lots of lists written in lots of notebooks in various handbags, so this has just joined the collection. And it is linen bound too - lovely!

I am still crocheting. Tomorrow I plan to start joining these squares together, so will post some photos then when they are all spread out across the floor (without furry friends posing all over them!!)

And finally, I will leave you with this photo again, cos I love it!

Off to cook dinner for the "Stay at homes" before I go gallivanting off.

Have a good evening x


VintageVicki said...

I love your easter tree. I now need to nag MrVV into buying & planting a twisted hazel.

Kissed by an Angel said...

I hate that with a debit card!!! It's soooo panic making!!! Love the cupcakes!! Well I love the other photos too!!!

LissyLou said...

I love your daily doesn't sound cheesy at all (well to me it doesn't anyway) i have been trying to do the same thing for about a year or so, and you know what, it works (well most of the time), it has certainly made me a happier and more positive person, which can't be a bad thing!!

Happy Easter!! xx

Bezzie said...

Ohhhh those granny squares! You've got a great eye for color!

val said...

Hi, Just popped over to you from Marmalade Rose blog, from The Awesome Wedding Cake! How amazing is that? But I love your crochet squares too - your colours are so vibrant - I will look forward to seeing it all put together - how will you join them? Do you stitch or crochet them together?
Anyway, they are really lovely. :0)
Val xx