Saturday, 29 March 2008

Thank God for tonight!

The clocks go forward! So I guess tonight is almost officially the last day of Winter??
The weather is crap - grey, wet and windy - should I be surprised, I do live in what to do at 5.40pm after watching the Boat Race...Open the wine, reheat the remains of last night's chinese and toast the end of the miserable season - yay to an extra hour....surely things can only get brighter from here?

Knitting Update - cos I do you know...I have cast on #3 for DHs sox...they have been jaywalkers twice, and toe-up jaywalkers once....they are currently taking on the form of these

off to partake of "fuck off shitty season!" winefest celebration....tomorrow will only be better!

UPDATE - I think these socks will stick, they are looking good already...and the family said they will wave on the way over on Thursday - they have a 2 hour stopover in Newark

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Bezzie said...

Oof. Have fun with that time change. We've been enjoying the past three weeks going home in the light at night.

Love those gentlemen socks...hopefully they'll stick this time eh?