Sunday, 30 March 2008

Someone told the planet it is summer!

What a fabulous day - the weather is glorious - blue skies, slight summery breeze, sun shining, the leaves and flowers are all coming out. It is beautiful!
And for some bizarre reason I was up at 5.30am - me! 5.30am!! (it is 6.30am new time), but dear god 5.30am!!!
I was down the garage at 6.00am (7am) buying the Sunday paper and cat food. I took Danni down, I was worried when she wouldn't start but after a few attempts and asking the universe to help us out, she did and we ventured out - for any one that knows me you will know this was a major feat! AND I DID IT!
When Danni and I got back The Rumpies (can you see what we do in this house? yes that is right EVERTHING gets a name) and I then sat in bed with a cuppa and read the papers - front to back/cover to cover, and then I got on and did DDs bedroom - dear god did I do her bedroom.
She left for her holiday on the understanding that she had "done" her bedroom. But obviously our definitions vary slightly. Her definition seems to be tidy the main carpeted area and vaccum that bit, I see it as blitzing the lot and chucking out the crap, pulling it all out giving it a really good dust and then vacuum round, so I thought I was going in to clean her window and vacuum - I was also going to hang the curtains that I bought 6 months ago, but weren't going to go up until she had cleaned out her room....hhhmmm I knew the edges of the carpet wouldn't be done as DD is scared of the noise of the Dyson, but it turned out that various other bits hadn't been done either. Anyway, 4 hours later IT IS DONE, and the curtains are up, and I have bought her some lights which look like white blosom, so all in all it is looking very girly. I may wel photo it, as I am sure it won't last long despite the nagging.
We aren't talking dust bunnies! When I pulled out the table that has her TV etc on, I got trampled by a herd of escaping dust elephants...the Dyson was emptied twice, and her room really isn't that big.
Anyway, my chore for the day is done, I am now planning on making a cuppa and getting on with the socks. I can't wait to get my camera and show you these socks, they rock!


weezalana said...

Dust elephants, LOL!

Batty said...

Yay for spring cleaning/renovations on a sunny day! Isn't it amazing how much longer the day seems when you wake up early?