Saturday, 20 October 2007

Blogstalking Week 5, a little late....

but nevertheless here it is...a statue from my town:
That is about all I have to say on it, nothing very exciting, especially compared to some of the others that I have stalked! Anyway, onto other things........rumpies (collective family name for 2 stumpy black kittens).

First of all, their first day of real rain - not impressed, can't go out....

nothing for it but to tart. Here I am tarting on a wet day! please note the good taste of the rumpie, she chose to lie on a colinette throw - see, I do knit, I just don't post it! sigh The other 2 just decided that the rain was obviously my fault, so refused to talk to me!

Onto other I went to the LYS to pick some bits up for some SPs, couldn't resist the colours....let's hope that they like them.
Then when I got home, we had received a postcard from Lulu. She is away checking out the italian stallions, but reckons she hasn't found any yet....I know her to be a bad liar, and I feel that she is just being kind, and trying not to make me feel jealous. Can't believe that that she thought of me when she was away - how kind. Looks like a beautiful place to go. Let's hope she has managed to stock up on yarn when she is away, as it is pretty scarce where she is...the card took 9 days to get here, which isn't bad considering the postal strikes continuing effects on deliveries, for all I know she may already be hone, but as she will be supporting South Africa tonight I won't be MSNing her:
Included this photo cos I love the colours and I suppose it is part of week 6 Blogstalking, but I need to give that one more thought.
This next bit is a vent, I will feel better for it, but you won't, so kip it...just go to the photo below.

My parcel of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran that I have bought for Tubey has still not arrived!!! I am severely pissed off. I know it isn't the ebayers fault....she has over 1000 score and 100% feedback, it is the bloody post office. The one time I source the correct yarn - AAAHHHHHH! I went to my 2 LYSs today. The first one was closed when we got there, so DD and I stood and waited outside basking in the sunshine for DH who was sourcing Bitch stuff - remember her, please feel free to scroll down a bit and get even more bored shitless than this blog will normally make you. A couple of customers came and went (they weren't happy either as they wanted to spend some cash too). After about half an hour (he was drooling over tyres - sad bastard!), someone came and opened up, apologising that they were running a little late! a little late, it was nearly 12 on a Saturday - according to their sign, they open at 9.30am! So I guess that when they go bust I shouldn't be surprised. Whilst we were there as well as losing customers for being so late, she was also fielding pissed off customers who hadn't received their parcels due to the postal strike! Now again, I know they can't do anything about the strike, it is completely out of their control, in which case wouldn't you open your shop on time!
Onto our next LYS, full of yarn but I reined myself in, and only bought Rowan 39....I was going to indulge in some Cotton Glace to knit Bliss , but figured that if I bought that I would come home and find my Debbie Bliss stuff here, so I didn't buy it, and did I have my DB?? - did I fuck!!!!! Ggggrrrrrrrrrrr!


Jo said...

Interesting angle to take the statue picture from ... I haven't even posted mine yet - but I think yours is neat.

bionicknitter said...

Nothing worse than the wait for yarn. Hope it comes soon.

Bezzie said...

Ohhhh...that Opal!!!!