Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Blog Stalking Week 3 - late to the party as always

This is how I get to work (and DD gets to school). Funny how you take things for granted until you look at it with different eyes. THIS IS HOW I GET TO WORK - how lucky am I???
First off, we leave this - the garden: The photo came out slightly blue, I used the "dawn/dusk" setting, but it shows off the Rudbeckia beautifully, the grapevine overtaking the garden, DD's garden feature (trampoline) and part of my washing line - which if I wasn't going to work, would be filled with washing - oh the joys of working full time. Anyway, we leave this, and walk out into this - our street:
We turn left here, and walk down a small gravel path to this:
Doncha love english street furniture - isn't it gorgeous? So understated!
Talking of the gravel path, which is fairly isolated, it currently has a one-person tent set up next to it, strange! We run past it quickly - you can never be too careful!
Anyway, when DD and I rget to the crossing we race to see who can be first to push the button and shout "Green Man" when he appears - something we have done since she could shout....apparently she always wins, though I am not convinced:

I then tried to take a piccie of what is through the arch, and guess who had to jump into the view? Even at 7.45am she has the worlds amount of cheekiness. Then we turn right and walk up here:
And we saw some lovely leaves. I love autumn, the colours are gorgeous:
When we get to the top we always look to the right to see who is about, and we see this:
After admiring the view, the leaves and checking for dogs to stroke, we turn round and walk down here: Yes, she is wearing funny tights, and yes that is how she ties her tie, and yes, she does spend hours doing her hair before leaving the house - sigh....
We walk past this on our left:
A bit further down, this on our right:
Look, a shite photo of a conker
Just for this photo heavy post we turned round and saw this:

Then we walk over the river and look to the left and see this - THE RSC
It is currently undergoing a multi million pound makeover! A little further on, and we then see this:
Guess who is bureid in the church - yes, Mr Shakespeare!
Then after the bridge we walk through here, and are 3 minutes from where I work, and about 8 mins from where DD goes to school....not a bad way to get to work ;-)
Why the orange background? Because it is October of course!


Rebel said...

I'm soooo jealous, you're walk is a whole lot cooler than mine! Your daughter is adorable, and looks a bit like she belongs at Hogwarts. LOL

Anonymous said...

When I saw the last picture, I immediately thought "England", hehe. It's so amazing that you can tell a country from just one picture! And that is such a scenic trip, I can bet you're relaxed by the time you get to your destination!

Rachel said...

I think I need to move!

Bezzie said...

Ooo..I'll bet that's fun in the winter!

Hey, what's the game with those chestnuts? We've got a horse chestnut tree in our yard and doncha y'all do something with those "conkers"? Or maybe Wikipedia is lying to me. ;-)

Guro said...

Oh Stratford, soooo lovely.... I was there when I took English for a year in college. I really want to go back some day.

Mitchypoo said...

I love this post, it's so beautiful where you live. But what on earth is a conker???

Anniebananie said...

Oh, I am so envious. What a beautiful place to live and to work, and made even more better because you get to walk it every day with your daughter!

Oh, and is a conker an acorn?

kemtee said...

I wanna come live with you. Much better than my interstate drive.

Magatha said...

Goodness! I can't begin to comment yet. I'll have to look at them over and over to absorb all the greenery and loveliness.
Cute kid, just adorable.

Oh, and you have a trampoline? I'll be right over! ;-)