Saturday, 12 May 2007

Mum, Mum has he gone yet?

Who's that nasty man in the kitchen?

He's the gas-man, he has come to fit a new meter. He won't be long, don't worry.

But I'm a little timid....I'll think I'll sit here whilst he is working. You won't vacuum, will you?

No, I won't vacuum yet. You stay there until he has gone, ok? Archie? Archie? Are you ok? You've gone quiet!

Zzzzzzzzz! Zzzzzzz! Zzzzzzzz! Zzzzzz!


weezalana said...


Donna said...

So cute!!

Bezzie said...

See, mine love to get all in the plumber/delivery man's business. I have to extract cat from toolboxes all the time. Maybe Archie gives lessons??

Batty said...

Cute kitty! At least yours doesn't shred visitors, so there's something good in everything, I guess!

pixieriot said...


Zuma said...

cute kitty! Sally's a bit of an attention whore, but the vacuum cleaner sends her running for the hills!