Thursday, 3 May 2007

I knew I would be in trouble....

as soon as I had put my laptop away, I saw Sadie (the sheep). After so much blogging I was just too tired to log on, I had to go to bed, but it was nagging away all night - too tired, as I had been so spoilt that my blogging took all evening, but then seeming ungracious for not making the effort for dilemma gave me a night of light sleep!!! So she has pride of place here:

Give it up for Sadie the Sheep, sitting flicking through a copy of a Rowan book - she has good taste. But one false move and that fleece will be mine - moohaha! I know the right people to teach me spinning!
Actually taking a real close look, who does she remind you of? It must the, I am just imagining it ;-)

I also wanted to say thanks to DH for my lovely flowers...I had had a really shitty day at work, so bad I walked out and came home at 11am, and he came home with these...with the smelly bits intact. I hate it when they get removed, what is the point, they don't smell then. I shut them away in the living room in the sun today with the door closed, and when I came home the smell is intoxicating, and has filled the house. Beautiful!

Reminder as it is May 3rd:
Don't forget to vote today! You may not have a clue what their reasons for standing are, because they probably haven't knocked on your door, but think of Emily Pankhurst and the rest of those very brave women, and get out there and do your bit!!!!!

After voting today I came home to a bill from Virgin for my TV, phone and broadband connection. I could feel my blood pressure rise just by looking at the envelope...and yes, it meant another bloody phone call to them cos the bill was wrong AGAIN. I chose the option "press 5 if you wish to cancel your contract" cos, silly me, I thought that they might answer that one a bit quicker (maybe they did - ha!) 20 minutes later Vic FINALLY anwered it. He was a real sweetheart, I so couldn't do his job....8 hours a day taking potentially abusive phone calls from women suffering from PMT, who have no wine in the house, and are fucked off that ONCE AGAIN they have to query their bloody bill - why can they not get it right...every month I have to call them, and their cycle of bill sending couldn't arrive at a worse time of the month for them! I would happily take on Rocky, and win! They bring it on themselves....anyway, I was very polite, and calm whilst mouthing abuse at the phone as I didn't want to upset him - they have so much power, they could hang up after I had wasted 20 minutes of my life just trying to get politeness paid off. I now have a 12 month discount of £30 (ish), which means I shouldn't have to call them for 11 months!!!! YAY, Vic! Though I think he was doing it to avoid having to talk to me again, and I am sure I have notes against my details on the screen - but what the hell, it worked!

I will keep my fingers crossed though, I don't have that much faith in one phone call! If anyone has Richard Branson's direct number, I would really appreciate it ;-)

To end on a positive note, today is the birthday of my best friend from Primary School. We lost contact a long long time ago. But her birthday was always extra special, as the fair used to come to the village we lived in, and we were allowed to go UNSUPERVISED - it was a very small fair and a very small village! So today I took the initiative. I googled directory enquires, and typed in her fathers name and the village we lived in, and got a number! I rang it, and it was her mum - who strangely enough didn't seem surprised to hear from me.....after a lovely chat, she told me that my friend is living about 9 miles away from me now - uncanny! They are seeing her for dinner this evening, and would pass on my best wishes. She took my number. So that could be a piece of cake and a cup of tea, and an afternoon reminiscing about what we got up to when we were little.



Bezzie said...

Ha ha! Sadie's cute!

I hate bill nightmares like that. I try my hardest not to get mad at the guys answering the phones,they're not the ones effing it up, but it's so hard!

We'll just have to sniper a hole in Richie boy's balloon next time he want to go around the world in 80 days. ;-)

weezalana said...

How cute is Sadie!

Ugh, dontcha just hate it when the utilities eff stuff up time and time again? But dontcha just love it when you can save a few bucks in the end? Way to go on the discount!

Nell said...

From someone who spends half her days on the phone to gasman/electricity board/bank/Dell/BT, you have my sympathy.

Funny, BF bought me flowers today too! Sunflowers for me though...

As for voting, I too agree we must excerise our democratic right. However, several candidates came cavassing to us. One in particular left a VERY BAD impression. He was a candidate for a party who would normally get my vote. But, he didn't know where the polling station was, and when asked where the incinerator that is the main campaign target is, he couldn't tell me. Didn't even know it's name. Pathetic. If you're going to canvas, be prepared. No vote for him. :)

Webbo said...

My BF worked one summer at a Telewest (ie, what is now Virgin) callcentre. If you ever have a problem with them again, the trick is to get your call escalated as quickly as possible: the customer service peeps you actually get through to have very little authority to make decisions, and even less incentive to actually execute them. Well done you for holding out and getting the discount sorted!

Anonymous said...

Hi maryann!!
It's fiberfools birthday too every year on May 3rd. yippee