Tuesday, 6 November 2007

I got me a Charlie Brown...

and what a Charlie Brown I got! Look at this goodness - where shall I start, how about here:
Door hanger (which is hanging on the door), and a couple of paper lanterns which will be perfect with my tea lights (battery, of course).
LOTS of chocolately goodies......look, LOTS...M&Ms, Caramel Kisses, Canadian Money AND white chocolate ghosts (all mine).
Blood Pops - sound great, can't wait to try these.....and chunky Herseys....hhhmmmmmmmm
AND some knitterly bits - look, 2 balls of cotton, halloweeny colours - isn't the one on the right like candy corn :-)
and some fabulous stitch markers

2 with candy corn on, and 2 black cats (yay for black cats!!) why do we not get such great beads in the UK....these are fab, I love 'em. Look at the tin they came in, made in GB but I have never seen them here - strange heh!

and a little parcel just for DD - lip gloss, another to add to her collection of 100s, or maybe even 1000s - key lime pie flavour. I almost missed this photo, as she had run away with it to her bedroom.

And all of this loveliness came from the wonderful Blu Roux - the wonderful but blogless Blu Roux, so I can't direct you to her and her generosity, but we still heart her, a LOT!!


Bezzie said...

Spooky haul!!!

Blu Roux said...

Glad it finally arrived! Hope you enjoy the goodies I put together for you.

Batty said...

Lindt chocolate ghosties? Yum!

weezalana said...

Fun spoilage! And you're right, it totally looks like candy corn!