Tuesday, 22 June 2010

grumble, grumble

off work with a bad back (muscles are failing to relax - hhmm, wonder why!), I have been working on my assignment due in next Monday (well I want to get it in asap, so I know it is there, as I have a new computer, and Windows 2007 might not be compatible with the system of sending assignments, and although I have made it compatible I won't believe it is there until I see it...and breath!!). Anyway sitting here tapping away, missing the good weather, back aching, I think I have almost finished this one, when writing the Executive Summary I see that my assignment doesn't quite pull together, I seem to have chosen to study one problem but the solution is resolving another I have only just touched on - BLOODY HELL!!!! just when I thought I had it, it looks as if I am going to have to rewrite it....AND I SPENT ALL OF YESTERDAY AND SO FAR TODAY ON IT!!! For goodness sakes!!! I am going to walk away, catch my breath and do some crochet, but I know it will be playing on my mind.......I will revisit tonight otherwise I won't sleep properly.
AND my days off are Saturday/Sunday this week, but now I will probably swap them for the 2 days I have had off sick, so I don't lose any pay..........grumble, grumble!!


A Country Girl said...

Hang on in there! I know how you feel - assignments can be a nightmare. I have til 22 July til my next one, thank goodness.

Jackie said...

Sending big hugs to you - hang in there - it will all come together in the end. Now, breathe, breathe.... xx

Emma said...

Oh dear, what are we like hey?
Hope things chill out a little for you and you get to see some of this lovely weather.
P.s don't forget to mail me your address..xx