Wednesday, 30 June 2010

All caught up...for now ;-)

Just had a phone call from DH: Where are you?
I am at home! Where are you?
At your work waiting to pick you up!

Good job my communication is better for my assignments!

I can't believe the score of my last assignment - I never performed like this at school, and I didn't even know I was really this interested in Business Studies. I realise that pride becomes before a fall, this isn't pride - it is shock!! No pressure for the next one!!

I have been busy making too - gooseberry jam. I am told by "him who knows" that apparently it is very good. The plan was to save it for autumn/winter, one of those cold miserable grey day when you need a reminder of summer - oh well, at least it is being appreciated.

DD bought herself some peonies as she loves them, so I thought I would share a photo of one of them in their full gorgeousness.

A quick snap of some of my pots :-)

And finally a photo of my street this evening. Children being taught their cycling proficiency - how summery.

And very, very's my b'day Friday and we have 2 days of excitement and picnics planned. I am not entirely sure what we are doing, but am very excited!!

Have a nice weekend x


My Grannies Attic said...

Congratulations on your assignments - you must be so pleased.
I love Gooseberry Jam and yours looks delicious.
Have a lovely weekend.
Kerry xxxx

Justine said...

well done (again) on your assignments! I'm really pleased for you, those peonies look lovely, I might get myself some tomorrow seen as though my lily's have dies a death today! Happy Birthday for the weekend! Justine xx

Bezzie said...

MMMMM to the jam! That was my intent with the blueberry stuff I made, but I'm already into Jar #2. Don't think it's going to last til fall/winter!

michelle said...

Hi maryannlucy,

Just saw that you were interested in the Archers!

A friend of mine who has a blog on here,, di the illustrations for the Archers Cook Book that came out earlier this year.

She is a lovely lady and writes a great story. Worth popping over to look at her Blog, she is a watercolour Artist and Teacher!

Emma said...

Hello, can I please have your address, as I have a little something to send you. Ages ago I said I would, sorry I have taken so long I am useless lol. Hope all is good with you as I see you are having a break from Blogland too..Em xxx