Wednesday, 14 May 2008

A sunny morning...

brings out the furry purrers...I found one on the trampolene having a lick!
Then she gave me "the" pose. Isn't she purty?

Then I found Archie in the hall basking in the sun (he isn't that fat, he used to be, now it is just a lot of loose skin - he is old you know!)

And just when I thought he may be dead, he raised his head to prove me wrong - thank god!

Where is Topsey - under the bed in disgrace! I must have jinxed her good behaviour yesterday as she disappeared last night at midnight. We searched the house, the garden, the street, she was nowhere to be found so we went to bed and hoped...........I then woke up at 3am thinking I was paralysed as Topey was asleep on my legs and I (once again) was pinned and couldn't move. It was all good!

On a not so good note, I have lost contact with a friend in China. I have emailed his yahoo address and keep getting messages saying that my emails are undeliverable - this could be explained by him changing his address and not telling me - he is an intermittent emailer. I have contacted a "cc" on an email he has sent me a few weeks ago, so hopefully I will get an email saying that this is the case and that my geography of China is crap - fingers and everything else crossed.

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Bezzie said...

China is a HUGE country. I've got a friend there too and trying to email her is like pulling hens teeth--the connection ALWAYS sucks. I'm sure he's fine.

I love the fine mother smuggery you captured in these cats today.