Saturday, 12 March 2011


Today I received my copy of the fabulous crochet accessories book from Pomadour on Ebay and Etsy, posted from Japan on the 3rd of March and arriving at my home today. Given where she is based I have been watching the news of the last 24 hours and can't imagine what she may be going through.
I have googled mapped her address and although about level with Sendai she appears to live on the opposite coast.
I can't begin to imagine how people are coping there, the news brings more awful updates every hour, the film and  photos are showing unbelievable scenes, it looks like a very expensive Hollywood blockbuster filmset. As I sit here with my lovely little house, surrounded by my family and cats, enjoying a cup of tea I can't believe how lucky I am, living in a country where natural disasters are luckily very rare.
Technology brings us all so close together, but when things like this happen it is a reminder that not only are we ruled by nature, but also that we are all so far apart.

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Nearly there Claire said...

Well chosen words my friend.

The people of Japan are in my prayers, but alas, I feel so hopeless otherwise. x