Friday, 26 February 2010

Oohhh DD has a first date tomorrow night...

She has invited a friend for a sleep-over tonight, so they can finalise details. Get the outfit right, make sure the make up is ok, get the hair just so, and have pizza and salad for dinner so she can practise eating said items without getting food all over herself.
The scary thing is, the 80s have come back with a vengence, so she is standing in the kitchen pretty much wearing what I wore 20+ years ago!! It is really quite scary. Is this how my mother felt, no actually it wouldn't have been but that is a whole nother story that I won't bore anyone with!!

Anyhoo, DD looks lovely, and I am so pleased for her, she is so excited.

Think of her tomorrow evening, on her first date, as I think back to mine and know just how she is feeling - excited, anxious, apprehensive, delighted, grown-up yet child-like.

My beautiful daughter.


RosieP said...

Oh, how exciting, hope she really enjoys herself.

Hugs RosieP x

VintageVicki said...

How lovely - hope she has a great time.

Am liking the 80's fashions at the moment - won't wear them but love seeing them on all the youngsters.

knittingozfan said...

Good Luck to her! How fab! x